Who is WO

Who is WO?

Well, I am WO. By the way, it is pronounced like “whoa”. ┬áThe name obviously came from my initials, but it was given to me by an old assistant store manager of mine. I was teaching him about scheduling, ordering, etc. and it all started to be too much at the moment , and he started to say “whoa whoa whoa” and began laughing. He said you “Whoa, WO, you are WO.” I was like whatever, let’s get back to work. But it stuck. He told everyone. So, all over the Phoenix Valley, I am WO. There are even people in my corporate office that know me as “WO”. It is actually kinda freaky. Thanks, Jeff, wherever you are.

Anyway, about me.

  • Married to Lisa (@TinkFan on twitter)
  • 2 kids: 1 each
  • Love tech (built first PC in 95 & still have both of my C64 in my garage)
  • I used to be on the bleeding edge of tech, but found a new love…
  • Love coffee (and not so much the foo-foo drinks, but the coffee itself)
  • I am currently a professional coffee maker and I LOVE IT!
  • Phoenix Suns rock (hated basketball before finding the Suns)
  • I’m a Dancin’ Dad (also with the Phoenix Suns)
  • I love photography, but you can’t tell since I never really share my pics (maybe here).
  • I am busy beyond all get out just about every day of my life.
  • No matter when you are reading this, I need a vacation.
  • There is a lot more to me, but you’ll have to read on…
  • or follow me on twitter @WOnet


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