Life Happens

On September 9, 2010 by WO

As new as this blog is, I noticed that it was already being neglected. However it is not due to a lack of stuff to say. I have several posts in mind. The biggest issue has been time.

See, since my last post, well, let’s just say, Life Happens.

  • A couple of trips to California to get our “beach fix”.
  • The kids have started back to school.
  • Fall dance session has started back up for the kids.
  • Well, for that matter, Fall dance has also started back for the Dancin’ Dads.
  • We dumped cable TV.
  • Upgraded a couple business websites, including moving them to a new hosting provider, and re-designing them to make it easier for the owner to make some basic site updates, thus freeing some time up for me.
  • Hackintoshed 2 Dell netbooks, to run OSX.
  • Gutted one of the NetMACs to upgrade some hardware.

Now, while life is still happening, and at a rapid pace, one of the new NetMACs is for Lisa & I to share while “stuck” at the dance studio, so we can at least try to be productive while just sitting around.  This nice thing, is I’m going to be able to post more frequently now, and not trying to squeeze it in between everything at home. The question is, even though I can, will I be able to find stuff that I think is “blog-worthy”. Only time will tell.

…just my 2 beans,

2 Responses to “Life Happens”

  • I notice at the bottom of your post in the WordPress Mobile theme, there is a flying bird tweet icon. I don’t see that icon at the bottom of mine. Yet in the standard theme I have the Share This buttons and you don’t. Are you as confused as I am or can you enlighten me? 🙂

  • WO

    I wish I knew. Back in a couple of updates ago (in May or June), the submit button just disappeared. I haven’t looked for it in a different folder on my site. For the mobile one, it is all part of that theme.

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