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On March 25, 2010 by WO

Ignite PhoenixWith the upcoming Ignite Phoenix #6 event I was trying to get my “talk” nailed down. Well, I missed the deadline to submit. So I figured I will at least go for the first time, instead of just watching it live online, or even catching the YouTube videos afterwards.

I had the day off, and was sitting by my computer, waiting for ticket to go on sale. Boom. The clock ticks 10am. I jump on the website to buy my ticket, but the link isn’t working. I check twitter for anything. Everyone is saying the same thing. So, while I keep checking the site, I missed the direct link to tickets via twitter. By the time I saw it, less than 20 min after they went on sale, they were gone. SOLD OUT! Can you believe it, not a rock band. Not a sporting event. Ignite is just people. People with a passion.

Ignite is about sparking a community around other people’s passions, no matter what they are. That is what makes this event so cool. That is why it sold out in 20 minutes. That is why everyone needs to know about it, to spark passion.

My future talk has changed. Yes, it will still be about coffee, because that is my passion, but now from a different angle.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the Ignite Phoenix website to see what is happening here.  Or check out the main Ignite site to see other cities holding events. Then, tell a friend. Go to an event. Not one close, maybe you need to help start one for your city.

…just my 2 beans

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